10 Day Hiker, Photographer, Geologist Hiking Trip

Ragged Range Jewels Glacier Rubble Hiking Nahanni Vistas

July to Late August

With the ‘10-day Hiker, Photographer, and Geologist’ you take your heli hiking trip into the South Nahanni Ranges of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories up a notch. Three days longer than our ‘Casual Explorer’ Package, this trip is geared for an experienced hiker, camper, photographer, geologist, fossil hunter or wildlife enthusiast for whom 7 days in the field just aren’t enough. Three additional hours to soar over the landscape by helicopter will allow you to discover the vast scenery of these mountains and places that few people ever have the opportunity to see.

You might want to start out by heading to the exotic looking mountain range of the Ram Plateau in the UNESCO World Heritage site of South Nahanni National Park Reserve.  The Ram Plateau sticks out of the expanse of moose muskeg with plunging cliffs and coffee table flat plateaus that are scored through with sinkholes and caves.  You will feel the immensity of blue summer skies around you and will baffle friends back home with photographs of you perched like a peregrine falcon on top of grey cliff walls.

Not far from the Ram Plateau lies Cimetar Canyon, where the Ram River squeezes through several kilometers of limesstone only as wide as the wings of a bush plane but as deep as a road between New York skyscrapers.  Canyons like these are best seen from the helicopter, but you have the chance to land and hike and glimpse the muddy waters, finding fossil beds of ancient marine sea life below your hiking boots.

In Flight Taxi Service

Following the South Nahanni River canyons upriver will eventually bring us to the Ragged Range with its world famous mountain climber destination:  the Cirque of Unclimables.  Whether mountain climbing or scenery are your thing, geologists and photographers alike will want to camp in different Ragged Range locations over the course of a week.  They form the highest mountain range in the South Nahanni with the largest glacier field in the Canadian Northwest Territories, ice that pools magnificently between reddish cones peaking out – the topmost parts of 9000 foot mountains.

Flying and hiking in the Ragged Range will be a rush of pleasure, of heights, of dizziness, of mountains and vistas and alpine valleys.  We will share it only with the whistling marmots, the squeaking picas, the soaring golden eagle, that bunch of caribou.  You have been waiting for this country all your life!  We will hike and film and photograph, will try and track down game, and will never tire of letting our gazes sweep through mountain magnificence, taking in this solitude, this immensity, this unfathomable beauty, this heart leaping life.  Where were we all our lives?!  This has been waiting for us!


$11,500 per person plus bush plane charter flight into the area from Fort Simpson of $1,300/person.


  • Expediting services as of Fort Simpson, NWT
  • Helicopter time (up to 1 hour/day)
  • Guiding
  • Accommodation (tents; cabins in base camp)
  • Camping Gear
  • Food (high quality backpacking type food with gourmet perks; home cooked meals in base camp)
  • Full Service in Base Camp with drinks, satellite phone and internet
  • GST (Canadian Sales Tax of 5% and all government imposed service taxes)
  • All required South Nahanni National Park Licenses